Teachers2Parents is proud to share with you, our schools, that we are joining forces with Education Brands; a leading provider of educational software solutions, to accelerate product development, introduce new innovation and extend our product portfolio globally.


Our current product portfolio includes SchoolPod BehaviourWatch, SchoolMoney and SchoolsWire in addition to our market leading Teachers2Parents brand. We are, and continue to be, dedicated to supporting schools transform their productivity and increase parental engagement through our ongoing commitment to offering the most cost effective and highly efficient solutions built around each school’s individual needs.

From management information systems to payments, event bookings and behaviour management, alongside our UK leading text and email services; our end-to-end back office solutions provide innovative and tailored solutions to our schools - we are committed in our delivery to you. All this and more is delivered through our dedicated and experienced sales, support and technical specialists.

Long-term, we see tremendous potential for improvements in innovative technology and new products with the single focus of benefiting schools. With the launch of our new Teachers2Parents messaging app due to be released by the end of 2017, we are already making huge steps forward in joining forces with Education Brands.

Education Brands serves over 5,000 schools globally with solutions exclusively supporting Kindergarten to grade 12 schools and collectively doing so for over 100 years. With this wealth of experience and expertise we are very positive about our future partnership and the opportunities this brings.

Mike Barros, President of Education Brands, is excited about our great teams working together, commenting, “as a united force, our complementary strengths make this a diverse and vibrant offering and the premier provider of back office software for schools.”

Mike goes on to say, “In contrast to other platforms, we are offering schools choice, flexibility, control alongside excellent customer service and technical support as we continue to develop, amplify and integrate our proven suite of best of breed solutions.”

Lydia Hook, Managing Director of Teachers2Parents, adds, “Joining the Education Brands family not only enhances our ability to offer a full end-to-end solution for our schools but dovetails seamlessly with our core values of integrity, ambition, unity and trust.”

Lydia continues, “This exciting partnership is mutual through to the very heart of what we do; we live, breathe, design and deliver to the education space and this partnership is an exhilarating stage in our constant evolution.”

For all of our customers, joining forces with Education Brands will enhance our delivery to you; you can continue to expect the same expert support from our dedicated teams.



Who should we contact with any support questions?

Your personal and named support will not be changing. Please continue to use the same contact phone, email and postal addresses you are currently using;

Our market leading support services will continue with the same great service you have grown to know, trust and rely upon over the years.


Will the existing customer service quality change?

There will be no change to the quality of any of our services; we are 100% committed to our continual improvement!

This is a classic case of not breaking something that works so well today. We value highly all of our schools and the support we offer to you.


Who should we contact with any sales related questions?

For any sales related questions and to take advantage of our full product suite, please feel free to reach out to your current sales representative or call:

Teachers2Parents: 0207 237 8456

SchoolPod: 0844 544 6685

BehaviourWatch: 0844 544 6685

SchoolMoney: 0845 388 5525


Where do I make payments?

Our bank details have not changed and all payment details remain the same.

Please continue to send all cheque payments to;


2 Darker Street



For all BACS payments, please refer to the details at the bottom of your invoice.


Why did you decide to join forces with Education Brands?

‘Teachers2Parents’ group of companies decided to join forces with Education Brands because it is a natural evolution of our great brand and products that we deliver today.

This is an exciting stage in our company development and journey; we are in a strengthened position to extend our differentiated product offering within the Education Brands family; enabling us to accelerate product development and continue to invest in our excellent customer and technical service offer.


Where do I go for more information?

We are 100% committed to the school community and you can rest assured we will continue to take care of our schools, as we have in the past.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at;


Editors Notes:


‘Teachers2Parents’ group work with over 9,000 schools nationwide, with our head office based in Leicester city centre. Combined, our brands support nursery through to secondary schools and special schools. We are committed to providing our school’s with dynamic, simple to use and time effective solutions.

Education Brands

Education Brands group of companies work with over 5,000 schools and 1,000,000 families today. Combined, the businesses have exclusively served Kindergarten to grade 12 private schools for over 100 years, consistently earning client satisfaction survey ratings over 96% year after year.