Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use SchoolPod?                                           
SchoolPod has been designed for schools. Primary, Secondary, Academies, Special and PRUs can all benefit from SchoolPod.

How would I sign up?
Simply contact us to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss introducing SchoolPod into your school.
How would I migrate from an existing system?
Easily. We will do the work for you and the process is simple. Please contact us.
Where would my data be held?
On our secure servers. We are registered with the Data Protection Act. We do not sell or share your data with any other organisation.  
How much is SchoolPod?
Please contact us for a quote. Our prices are extremely competitive because we have invested in the latest technology, which allows us to offer the service at less cost. If you can find a cheaper price, we will match it.
Can I restrict access to certain users? 
Yes, with SchoolPod you can restrict access across various parts of the system. A two step authorisation process is utilised to allow secure login from home. 

Who supports SchoolPod?
We do. If you ever have any questions or require support simply call us. Support is included in the price and there is no need to call your LA for support.
Can I access SchoolPod from any computer?
Yes. With your login details you’ll be able to access SchoolPod from school, home or even while your on holiday! (But only if you want to!)
More ways to contact us:
T: 0844 544 6685
T: 0844 544 6685

How simple is it to run Census?
It's extremely simple, just a few clicks and let SchoolPod do the rest. 

Which browsers do we support?
We support IE8 upwards as well as FireFox, Chrome and Safari.