What is SchoolPod Primary?

SchoolPod Primary is a Management Information System (MIS) which has been developed to support primary schools and academies to make the best use of time and resources, by simplifying office and management tasks.  We understand the importance of having all of your information to hand, making it easier to interpret data and enabling you to make informed decisions.  SchoolPod Primary is versatile and completely bespoke to meet the needs of headteachers, leadership teams, office and teaching staff. It's a real-time system that enables you to instantly see pupils' actions and progress, minute by minute throughout the school day.

Primary Specific Features

Assessment Recording
You can stay on top of all assessments at your school in one system. It’s a simple process to keep up-to-date with your school’s progress, becoming easy to identify and address patterns in progress for groups or individuals. Supporting life after levels, SchoolPod Primary includes performance descriptors for the National Curriculum with a vast range of options for bespoke grade types.

Store safeguarding information securely with restrictive access determined for each user. Extra features include an audit trail which provides a commentary of data entry while being bespoke to match your school’s existing processes.  Alerts can notify your designated safeguarding lead instantly. Vital information can also be supported with body maps as well as allowing external agencies to access data.  

Easily take registers in class on any device and monitor any unauthorised absences with the ability to send texts to parents to let them know children are not in school. Attendance Alerts allow you to set thresholds for your school’s target attendance: sit back and let SchoolPod Primary automatically inform the appropriate staff members of children who drop beneath these targets.

Census Returns
SchoolPod Primary produces automatic, accurate census returns at the click of a button. All your census information is formatted to meet DfE needs in a simple download. You also receive summary and error reports to ensure the quality of the data. Quick links to any errors improves efficiency, making census day streamlined.

SchoolPod Primary can support your behaviour policy, with schools loving the ability to generate and send out reports to parents on their child's behaviour and achievements. Whilst rewarding positive characteristics you are also encouraging three-way communication between your school, the parents and the children themselves. Our behaviour reporting tools look at triggers, interventions and trends across the school.

As SchoolPod Primary is web-based and therefore accessible on any device, it's easy to stay connected to your school when you're off-site.