Colin Douro


"We are extremely happy with the SchoolPod system. I have previous experience of working with your other product BehaviourWatch in the past and SchoolPod was just as easy to pick up. I was always very pleased with the system due to the very helpful and free support, the fact that it is tailor-made to our specific needs and the analysis that it can product. I have looked and worked with a number of other systems, however, none of them come close to what SchoolPod can deliver. I can't speak highly enough."

Heather Buchanan

Coombe Girls School

"As the incidents are emailed automatically, all the photocopying and distribution has disappeared - everyone is informed and kept very much in the loop now. A major benefit is the generation of reports. Before, this was a slow and painful process of transferring data from one place to another for manipulation. That's now a thing of the past and being able to create information reports has been a huge success for us. All in all, well worth the investment."

Jonathan Miller

Saint Cecilia's Church of England School

"The school has worked alongside the system developers throughout the summer - they don't and won't give you another school's build! As it is built just for us, it reflects out needs. Already, the programme has been very valuable in tracking the positive work of our pupils and students, as well as pinpointing where there have been issues."

Heath Mason, Head of Behaviour

Lindsworth School

"SchoolPod has become completely integral to the daily behaviour management at Lindsworth School and has a multi disciplinary usage across the school in relation to positive and negative behaviours. The pupils at Lindsworth enjoy the competition and clarity the system provides."

Dafydd Roberts, Interim Senior Leader

Brantridge School

"Your system has been invaluable in recent months as we have been pulling together various data to help us analyse our schools performance. I have just completed our latest academic data pack using your system and it has been a very smooth and fast process!"

Andy Doughty, Project Lead

Lewis Charlton School

"It integrates everything into one system, which we can adapt as we grow as a school."